God of Hammers

The solicitation and press release for Thor #19 makes it sound like GOH is a new character. Who knows with Cates. It could also end up being something stupid. The incentive by Frank is pretty good and shown above.

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The God of Hammers. That sounds…er…funny. :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure why the hammers of the world need a god to begin with but we’ll see how dumb it is.

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Can’t touch the REAL God of Hammers….


Pretty sure they are referencing Thanos and the Infinity Hammer

I thought of that too but it seems too easy. The solicitation for #21 also makes GOH sound new:

It’s gonna be Cosmic Thor who is the God of Hammers and when his actual identity is unveiled… it’s gonna be none other than the awesome Frank Castle… he’s going to “Punish” you with his Hammers! :wink:


Now this, I believe. It sounds about right in Cates’ wheelhouse.

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Sounds dumb but weirdly entertaining!

Hammer of the Gods is better.


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You don’t think the God of Hammers is going to be this guy?

EDIT: Eh maybe not… just saw FallenOne’s post above and sounds like a new character


Yeah but solicitations are always written to mislead at times…

For anyone who’s interested, the mighty thor #12 has an interesting story about Mjolnir and it’s orgin that may tie into God of Hammers.


Looks like we could get something or someone new here:

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Anyone know where there’s any copies of thor 20 for sale? Looks like people are betting on 20 as the full app

Westfield has some left

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Thanks. I don’t know how people know it will be a full app, but whatever. It’s the marvel way I guess

Knowing Donny Cates it will be a shadow version of Thor that sprouts wings and his arm can turn into a laser canon or something as equally lame like a cloud.


Sounds awesome