Graded Slab Alternatives

This thread is for discussing what options are out there to having a book encased (slabbed) but not having them graded.

Basically the “Slab-It-Yourself” options.

Cost effective ways to protect your books in possibly even display them on a wall or shelf. Bonus if they have UV protection.

If you have pictures and personal experience with any, feel free to share them.

Ran across this vender at comicon.

What I like about this product:

  • inexpensive ($20 at the show)
  • multiple sizes (modern/silver/gold)
  • robust plastic case very much like slabs
  • can be hung on the wall without any additional hardware outside of anchors/screws
  • magnetic seal is tight, but easy to access
  • Clear

Some negatives/cons

  • doesn’t come with an inner well or sleeve to hold the comic in place; comic is either loose and/or needs to be bagged/boarded for protection.
  • doesn’t have a designated part which provide a descriptive label
  • Not sure if the plastic is UV protected (forgot to ask)
  • they do not have magazine size (yet, maybe December)
  • actual slab/case isn’t offered on the website.

Here are some pictures of the open case and with a book inserted.



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The website seems to show a picture of what looks like a comic skin. Which I’ll also do a rundown on soon as I have a few of those as well.

These are the ones that I’ve been wanting to try out just dont have the wall space. Need to sell more Funko Pops lol.

Marvelistic Comic Book Frame - 2 in a Pack with Artworks by Artgerm. UV Protection & Double Mats for Comic Book Display on Wall or Tabletop. Fits Current Comics up to 6 3/4" by 10 1/4"

saw these at a con and they looked pretty good

doesnt ultra pro or bcw already make these already

If they do, feel free to provide a link.

I like the simplicity of it, especially the stand.

What I don’t know is how much a difference 98% UV makes vs 99%. (And don’t no one be a smart@$$ and tell me 1%…you know what I mean…looking at you @agentpoyo ).

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Those seem to be identical to what I started the thread with.

Awww… come on… the difference is 1% of UV light allowed through… :wink:

Yeah I see the comic magnetic frames all over the place now. I was wondering if they all just used the same molds as the Ultra Pro ones. It seems like it as you mention there’s no way to nest the book in there as Ultra Pro actually sells a specific sleeve you are supposed to put the book in that will nest it in the case.

I was not a fan of this for 2 reasons: firstly Ultra Pro could not get the cuts right on the sleeves. Half of mine couldnt even fit in the case. The other was I prefer to store my books in mylar if not slabbed. I would love if one of these do-it-yourself slabs had the space fitted for that.

That said if you dont plan to move the books often standard size egerber mylites and boards fit in the Ultra Pro ones decently enough.

This is interesting way to display a slab.