Grading/Condition Question

Hi all! Quick question. Oddly enough, I’ve gotten three separate books recently that all have this issue. Different books, but same time frame. Annihilation Conquest related issues.
What does a printing defect like this result in grading an otherwise beautiful book? Just the one page.
Thanks for any input!

Is there a crease or noticable indent on the page, or is it just the messy inkless streak down the page?
I am not certain about this, but, if the page is creased or indented, I think it would affect grading. If it’s just the ink streak on a clean, flat page, then I think it would not affect grading. M2c.

It’s a crease…almost like the page was jammed briefly in the printer? Just the one page…but impacts both sides of that page.
Bummer as the book is perfect otherwise.

I’ve seen similar printing damage on some of my readers too. I had one book, I think it was a recent Star Wars title, that had a few pages that had several folds, like an accordion, that ran on a few pages, from top to bottom. And more recently I had a the two middle pages fall completely out of a new book. The staples had missed them for whatever reason. Marvel is notorious for poorly printed books and bad cover and page stock on their more recent moderns.

I would pose the question over on the cgc boards or email cgc. They have excellent customer service and would give you an idea.