Grading Hockey Cards?

Hey, everyone. As many are aware, the only sport I follow is Hockey. I started buying some Hockey cards and have gotten cool ones. I was curious when it comes to grading Hockey cards which company is best if I ever wanted to grade stuff? Just was curious and the last time sports card grading was discussed was 2 or so years ago I see so I thought I’d make a new post.

I follow several sports but my favorite is now competitive hobby horse

I have some sports cards. But not a ton.

the rule not sure if it still is still true
newer stuff beckett older stuff psa

SGC is the most economical and they have fast turn around times.

I also like their tuxedo look.

When it comes to grading cards right now, PSA is the leader in terms of value for reselling and appreciation. If you are just looking for preserving your collection and not that concerned about valuation down the road, it’s personal preference. Pricing and lead times to get the cards turned around have come down quite a bit. I always liked Beckett grading because they give subgrades on the card (edges, surface, centering, corners) and I think their card holder is better. But be aware that the difference between a PSA 9 and BGS 9 can be 25%-40% different. PSA has also gotten a lot tougher in their grading in the last 1-2 years, so be aware. SGC is doing good stuff also and with certain cards their holders look really good. Hockey cards are an overlooked area and there are some great deals out there if you know where to look! I’ve been putting together a PSA 9 set of Hall of Famers from 1980-1990 and only need the Glenn Anderson to finish it up. Good luck!


I’ve talked with other folks and many recommend PSA as I see as a consensus here too.

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