Green Arrow and the Canaries new series to CW

Looks like a pilot exists and parts were cut into the series finale of Arrow for a new Green Arrow show for CW. Taking up where Arrow left off with Oliver’s daughter as the Green Arrow and Oliver’s son being abducted in the finale. A Season hasn’t been ordered yet but should hear news soon based on the pilots and finales performance. Suppose to be a new Green Arrow show on HBO but looks like CW beats them to the punch. Things like having two Green Arrow shows on two different networks and two Superman shows on two different networks is DC competing with itself which is never good. Those HBO shows may not exist with a more than likely new Green Arrow show and already ordered to season Superman show.

HBO has a great history with its own series. I mean no censorship to begin with is automatically going to be better. Even HBO’s canceled series like John From Cincinnati, Deadwood, etc were great. I’ve given most of CW’s shows a chance and excluding Legends, they’ve all been pretty horrible.

I’m not sure that these will be in competition anymore than, like, Superman TAS and Smallville would’ve been competing for an audience. The CW makes teen focused dramas. My beef with every single one of their shows is that it’s just a soap opera they shoehorned super heroes into. The shows are rarely of any real quality, and what little there is tends to drop off hard. That’s just me though, I know plenty of people smarter than I am tatt consume soaps religiously.

HBO by contrast tends to tell stories that are much darker tonally and appeal to an adult audience. I’d take 1 Watchmen over 100 Flashes because HBO rarely stops at a surface level narrative. Instead of making the main focus whose gonna kiss this season we tend to get deeper level character motivations, and grittier more “real” world’s from HBO. I’ve been off CW shows for years now, and attempts to revisit Flash have always ended in my giving up in disgust. Ditto for GA.

I think there’s room for two such different approaches to story telling though, and hope we still see more HBO helmed approaches to DC properties. Watchmen taught a huge chunk of white America about a race massacre. I think the sort of people that watch a superhero show that does that are very different than the folks that shout “kiss kiss yessssss kiss” at their TVs. I like my serious takes but I’m hopeful there’s so little crossover that people that like their soaps can get what they want while those of us that need everything mega bummer style can still get our shows too. If not though, really hope CW is the one to get the boot.

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