GUMAA Kickstarter

GUMAA: The Beginning of Her
Jeehyung Lee (Creator/Writer/Illustrator/CA)

I was able to get my hands on an early copy of GUMAA #1 and wanted to share my thoughts.

Set in 1984, the story begins on a violent note, where we are introduced to MAAGI, zombie-like creatures hell-bent on killing. Their origin and reason for existence are not yet known, but they apparently stand very little chance against the presumable main character of the story, a powerful female leader of a cult/clan. She demonstrates her telekinetic powers against the MAAGI, destroying them with little effort (think Eleven in Stranger Things, but with better control). The leader is not introduced by name yet, but this is apparently GUMAA. The story cuts abruptly to an origin story, introducing the Clan Luciel and its ruthless leader, Behema, whose operations center on the manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs and other vices. Khalida is forced to work for Clan Luciel to earn her freedom. Based on the synopsis, Khalida later becomes GUMAA.

The story is for mature audiences only. It is brief and casually introduces us to the main power figures of the story. It is a very quick and interesting read, although further development of the story and characters will certainly be necessary. The issue is best served by focusing on the art. In typical Jeehyung Lee style, the art color and form breathe life into each character, without over-embellishment. While similar to the many fantastic covers that Jeehyung Lee has treated us to, the interior art is a chance for Lee to display his full array of talents.

The GUMAA Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to begin in May 2022. There are tentative plans to have several exciting artists provide covers for the Kickstarter, including Peach Momoko and Sozomaika. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to seeing these covers.

One of the best ways to obtain information on the campaign is through their Instagram channel @gumaa_official and Lee’s official Twitter handle @jeehyunglee.

Since this is pre-release, I did receive permission from Lee’s reps to prepare a write-up on this and post the provided photos.

Khalida was trapped in the 1980s, a world of drugs and prostitution. LUCIEL controls her world. Surviving involves so many choices; as those around her give in to the pressures of this Hell, Khalida tries to buy their way out the crime syndicate known as LUCIEL, her masters.

What decision does Khalida make that leads to Her Beginning, the Gumaa, and provides Her the power to Fight back against the demons roaming the streets at the turn of the century?


i bought the secret copy to. didnt read it tho, i just assumed it would end up being put out thro image much like nocterra was after its Kickstarter

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Already getting way too hyped…


“His Ghost Spider 1 is one of the most sought-after SpiderGwen covers on the market. It is especially impressive because it is his art alone (no first appearances) that caused this 1:100 incentive to be a thousand-dollar book.”

…and the fact most shops didn’t order 100 copies of this book… I mean, come on, his art is good but that’s not the only or primary reason that book is worth that much. Geez…


Yea, and add to that, if you really want the cover art, it’s reprinted on some foreign books…

from Jeehyung Lee’s email today:

"In our second campaign, attention from fans and industry gained us major industry attention for this creator-owned title. But now the excitement for the final chapters has turned up the heat tremendously!

We can’t spill the details just yet… but we just got word that steps for a live-action adaptation of this story by Jeehyung have taken a HUGE step forward – and it’s all thanks to you guys!"


It appears more cover reveals were added to the kickstarter.

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