Gwenom vs. Carnage #2 Preview- Origin of MJ's "Axe"

There’s a preview out for next week’s (2/3/2021) Gwenom vs. Carnage #2 and it shows how MJ creates her “Axe”.

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Me personally I feel this MJ Carnage is going to be around for a little while…idk what other antagonist that Gwen has similar to Peter. Already in for this short series hoping it doesnt conclude on sour note.

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Why does she need a guitar in order to form her axe? Carnages power set already allows it to make bladed weapons formed from the Symbiote. Sillyness.

Because the kiddos think it’s cool… and hip! :smile:

Smashing guitars was so 1980s.

That symbiote spider-man 1 and ASM 30 are still cheap… probably way less of those than Gwenom vs Carnage 1.

And Smashing Pumpkins was so '90s.

Actually … the 1990’s.

Smashing Pumpkins really peaked at Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness and then it was a steady downward trend with a few minor peaks all the way until Billy Corgan held a contest to have lunch with him at McDonald’s but the winner had to pay.



I skipped the Shannon Maer but may pick it up only have Symbiote Spider-man 1 and the Todd Nauck Variant.

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Me and the wife saw smashing pumpkins last year lol

Any good?

Symbiote Spider-Man 1 should have blown up by now… not sure why I hasn’t but if I hasn’t yet, doesn’t seem like it will.

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Yeah I think the series is over looked other than 1st cover and the reprint. Still a hold maybe after the STAR Wars hype dies down.

I remember the Pumpkins from a 1990 show. Long ago.

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I saw the Pumpkins around 1990-1991. They were great then.

Smashing pumpkins was a great show

Well I mean Gwen is in a band so it is kind of ironic if she gets smashed in the face with a guitar.

Don’t forget this gem which came out in 2019

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