Ha Ha #1 Alexis Ziritt Cover

Here you go. Nothing creepier than a clown, that is also a serial killer. Looks a little inspired by John Wayne Gacy. Ha Ha is a new horror anthology done by the guys who do Ice Cream Man.

Cover art by Alexis Ziritt for Third Eye Comics. Limited to 500.

Third Eye is my LCS and are offering up a special CHU forum promo. Use code bozo by Monday to save 15%.

You can grab copies here.

FYI check out the prices on Ziritt’s Department of Truth #1 for Third Eye.

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So is this like “Shakes the Clown” in comic form?

Tempting. Love me some Ziritt

I hate that this series is now getting store variants. This is the 2nd one I know of now. Meh!

ive seen 4-5 variants, the trump one is probably the best


Who has that one?

Gotham Central


I will have copies of this one to give away when the book is released.