Halloween Comic Extravaganza

I know we’ve discussed these books in a different thread (that I now can’t find), but are these giveaways similar to FCBD and Batman Day, or are they normally priced books similar to Local Comic Shop Day?

Black Cape has these for $1.00 each, for some context.

Supposed to be free to customers. But comic shops have to pay for them, so some of the online shops charge a small price.

store cost is .25 cents

This is turning into a hot mess. The Halloween Comic event is cancelled if Diamond distributes you, but Marvel is still doing it (and they’re with PRH now, of course). A simple day of free comics is getting all out of sorts.

I don’t mind paying if they are not store stamped. But if they are store stamped I don’t want them

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I don’t want any of them if they’re just a bunch of reprints.

at least its not 25 cent plus diamond shitping

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We usually hand them out to customers, kids, anyone who wants them in the area. We did offer some preorders on them for people who wanted a guaranteed nice copy, and charged the $1 plus shipping. I plan to retire off the revenue that brought in :joy:

In all seriousness, I love the free comic book day stuff as it helps shops cheaply advertise comics, and their store in the local community. Giving away your inventory (the cover price books), is just not feasible, but I don’t mind handing out hundreds of .25 books to kids!


That’s how I’d do it with the Free Comic Books promotions… if I was a retailer, they’d always be free forever as long as they’re in stock. If someone wants a copy online, I’d probably make it so they can choose 1 per every 1 or 2 books they buy online from me if still available.


I let mine sit in the cart too long and wasn’t paying attention. :cry:

I think it’s awesome that you give them away, as intended! I loved the pics from FCBD.

I tried to figure out how to do that, but would have had to make some special code or something. Instead I just put some random ones in people’s orders as I go.


Good move.

Dusting off this old thread as I’m not sure there’s anything of significance here, but the new Halloween freebie books are:

reprints reprints and even more reprints

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:zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :yawning_face:

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Wish I would have bought some packets to hand out…

Ya’ll hating but they’re fun and get the youth into comics!

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Yep. I have no interest in these, but they’re not designed for me. We want kids into comics or no one will buy them from us in 15 years. :slight_smile: