Hallow's Eve Mini Series in March

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Very nice! Love the character design, happy their doing a bit more with her!

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Not a bad thing.

I’d rather it come out in 4 years

#1 Artgerm variant


They have 3 virgin incentives for #1. Ridiculous

next iron cat

Is next Iron Cat good or bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

So something flashed on me today, and maybe I’m massively jumping to conclusions… but Hallow’s Eve was introduced in ASM 14 and she is Goblin-esque. Green Goblin was ALSO introduced in ASM 14. Suddenly Hallow’s Eve has her own series and I can honestly forsee her being a cosplay favorite, maybe not to the HQ and Punchline levels, but a favorite nonetheless.

Anyone else think Marvel has major plans for her, or is she just a tool for the current story?

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I think the short time between debut and mini-series does mean Marvel plans to keep her around. Then again, it’s another Spider-Villain in a vast, vast Spiderverse. I’m not personally putting money into this.


Im not either. I’ve got one copy of Cover B, one Cover C, and 1 2nd print cover.

It’s up to the fans, really. She does seem t be well received so far.

I think she’s one of the better characters to debut in recent months.

ASM 14 Cover A is sold out most places.

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100%. I thought it was too soon for a mini already


K, I just fiished Hallow’s Eve 1 and I gotta say I enjoyed it more than Dark Web… bit I like seeing character development.

I don’t really know anyone who liked Dark Web. Bummer as it sounded cool in concept.

The writer for Carnage and Red Goblin is one to watch

I have a very hit or miss relationship with Ram V. He lost me a few issues into Swamp Thing and I canceled my Detective Comics pull for the first time is YEARS.

Ram V. has some great stuff and some meh stuff. I overall am a fan tho.

I meant this guy:

I agree. I gave up on Detective Comics with him at the helm, just wasn’t my cup of tea. Then when it comes to Carnage he is killing it. I feel like he is also over extended with all the books he is writing. Look at this run of Venom, it has been decent so far but there has also been some odd choices along the way.