HALO tv show


OMG I have the overwhelming desire to purchase Halo comics now! /s

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There’s a preview of the Halo Graphic Novel that came out January 2006 that can be CGC graded:

Halo Graphic Novel (Marvel) came out August 2006:


I have one of the Halo Promo’s

$100 book right now. Could be better as hype for this show grows.

yeah I need to dig it out, it was a freebie and I keep all the stuff like that for a reason

If anyone is into the halo games the halo infinite multi-player is available and free right now


I am already subscribed to Paramount plus so I will be watching!

Anyone watching it ?

4 episodes released so far, and it’s pretty good.

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I’ve been meaning to give it a watch.

Yeah, I have been enjoying it. The pacing is a little slow but so far so good.

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All caught up with show and been enjoying it. :+1:

Paramount put some money behind this show.