Hanging slabs

Any suggestions for hanging slabs on a wall for display? I’ve been searching Amazon and eBay for ideas on what’s out there in terms of mounts or hanging supplies. I’m thinking of making a horizontal row of 12 or 13 slabs running straight down a long hallway, about eye level, with maybe 1 to 2 inches between each slab.

I use these at the moment (Comic Mount Comic Book Frame, Wall Mount and Shelf Stand, Invisible and Adjustable, 5 Pack https://a.co/h3dhE7V) and they work great. Have them up for 2 years+ in drywall with just a single big nail holding them up great. But they are a bit expensive for what they are.

I’ve also seen people use variations of plastic J trim to hold alot of slabs up, but imo looks kinda tacky for a house/game room.

I personally like to use j-channel. Easy to use and cost effective as well as very adjustable to your size, needs.


Use 5’8 J Channel for siding. Works great.

Search j channel comic display for more info

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Use photo ledges easy peasy

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Here’s how the slab holders I use look like just for a reference.


Just an idea I thought of. Has anyone simply put a command strip on the back of a slab and stuck it on the wall?

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Honestly, that’s what I’ve done for the last couple years. The slab holders never seemed tight enough for me.

I use the large picture hanging strips. Clean the wall beforehand, place one half of the strip centered on the back right at the top of the comic so it can’t be seen from the front. Remove the strip on the other half of the velcro and press against the wall and hold flat for a minute. I use a little torpedo level to make sure I get my spacing right.

If you switch out books, just pull it away from the wall and remove the command strip. I haven’t had any issues with residue, but if you did, a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab should do the trick.

I’ve had some of the books on my Kirby wall up this way for a couple years without a problem. Plus it’s easy to swap out books if you upgrade or want to switch up your display.


I don’t hang my books but have thought about it. My only suggestion is to make sure there not in direct sunlight.

Sunlight is the enemy of comics.


Agreed. Good work around is putting up some uv protective film on the windows where your display is so then it mitigates most of the damage and least obtrusive method instead of finding something specific to each slab to protect them.


I have blackout curtains and the room is like a cave