Hank Howard Pizza Detective in Calilgula’s Safe (Bad Idea)

Quick reminder that today is the 1 day to purchase this book.

All remaining copies will be returned to Bad Ideas.

Wondering if anyone had a chance to read it yet?

I wonder if tfaw will have today?

I bet that shady shop here will put them out in 2 weeks.

Report them…

if you think store are not going to sit on some, i got a NY bridge to sell you

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I reported them last time to bad idea. I got a response that sided with them. About selling in sets. Still had zero problem with the fact they weren’t there the day of release, but there the following week

Seems Bad Idea loves rules but then are very selective with their own rules.


The thing that cracks me up about this dollar book is it is all over eBay for $1, plus $8 shipping. Lol. Over charging for shipping is ok in Bad Idea’s book as long as you don’t charge more than a dollar for the book. And any eBay listings by bad idea sanctioned stores should also result in a lifetime ban.

If I owned a store I wouldn’t carry bad idea books anyways… nothing to gain other than bad social media PR for breaking the rules.

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At the store I do my previews ordering through, they carry Bad Idea books, but the guy who owns it told me he made one of his other employees be the ‘point person’ for them… so that he doesn’t have to deal with them himself :rofl:

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Isn’t that employee abuse though?


If they want to spice things up, they should set the print run to something like 2,500 copies. That way ,they don’t have to destroy the books that don’t get sold. Or, make it so that comic shops can only sell their special books for one hour.

If a publisher had a comic only on sale leap day every 4 years that would get the FOMO going. We have only scratched the surface of bad ideas.


Shut up @Amustin, you’re saying the secret plan for my new publishing enterprise dedicated to comics you can only buy on specific occasions! We call it, “Rare Occasion Comics,” or, “ROC.” We’ll have comics available only on Leap Day, when a rare comet streaks by, in areas with a solar eclipse, stuff like that. Yes, there will be many rules.

Have the creator finish the entire series up front. Set up a trust or something to publish each issue and sell it only on the days Halley’s comet is visible to the naked eye.

“You think the wait for Winds of Winter was bad?”


Other idea is having a comic only distributed thru cotton candy vendors at rural carnivals. Good luck getting a 9.8!

Do I get one free cotton candy with my comic purchase? If so, I’m in.

The comic is rolled up and used as the stick for the cotton candy.

Oooh…gonna be tough getting a 9.8!!

But only during the Transit of Mercury… happens about 13 times per century… Next one that happens is Nov. 13, 2032. :wink: