HAPPY 4th!

Have a happy, safe, July 4th!


Yup, Happy 4th for all you American people.

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Happy 4th everyone!

Hope no one lost a finger to fireworks.


Have a Happy and safe July 4th 2022 everyone!..For those not in the Sates, have a happy and safe Monday.


Happy 4th of July all.

I said it last year and will say it again this year, please keep all your fingers.

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Happy 4th. Kept all fingers and toes.

Hope everyone was able to celebrate the independence of our country by blowing up a small part of it.

I blew up my dinner on the grill :man_shrugging:

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I avoided explosives and made it to the 5th with my digits intact!

I spooned my dog most of the night (and told him it was going to be okay) who was scared and freaked out by the war zone going on outside. It was not that fun.


Well, look at the bright side, you got to spoon a dog.

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Well, I spoon him every night already. This time was different though, he was nervous and twitching from fear most of the night. :cry:

Aw, I’m sorry.