Happy Birthday Mr. Anthony!

Sorry Boss, meant to do this yesterday, got busy! But Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday :slightly_smiling_face:

Another one already? Happy birthday!

happy birthday! :birthday: :balloon:

Lol Happy Birthday! I’ll send you your present :wink:

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Hope it was a good one!

Have a happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy b day!

Another year, gratz!

Happy Birthday @Anthony! :birthday:

Happy Birthday !!!

@agentpoyo there are already two threads devoted to this topic.

How shall I smite you? Not for being a turd and failure to follow your own rules, but for the Birthday Boy’s enjoyment?

New year means new topic for Anthony’s bday well wishes because we want the birthday boy to feel extra special!

Should the title not be a unique identifier to differentiate from other threads?

How old is he? Maybe we can put his age in the titles. Then make fun of him for being one year older each anniversary.

It actually is. One has ! at the end, another doesn’t and this one has Mr. in the title. They won’t let you make another topic with same title. Go ahead and try! :wink: