Happy Bobby Bo’ Day!

I wish the Mets would have a Bobby Bonilla bobble head give away every July 1st…it could be Bobby wearing a Mets tee with fist full of cash in one hand, a big smile across his bobbing head as if saying “yeah, baby!” And a sign reading “suckers!” held up with the other hand…

And they should offer it every July 1st until 2035…

Yeah, I’m a Mets fan…couldn’t you tell?

And a happy birthday to The Great White North! :boom::canada::boom:

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One of the all time worst contracts in Sports history!..Well, not for Bobby.

Bobby Bonilla is the smartest man in the world… or his agent at the time was the smartest man in the world when it came to his contract… it was literally pure genius on his part.

Sometimes it’s lightning in a bottle…the Mets ownership was all in on the Madoff Ponzi scheme and therefore the ridiculousness of what they were agreeing to with BObby versus what they thought they’d get for investing the money being deferred clouded their judgment…which was poor to begin with, obviously.

As for Bobby and his agent…if you don’t ask you won’t get.