Happy Thanksgiving 2020

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday, however you are spending it !!


I pinned this to stay at the top until 8:00PM CST tonight…

I’m gonna try and get time from the puppy to list some stuff for Black Friday! Or take a lot of naps… Haven’t decided yet how to spend the day. :turkey:

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Happy Thanksgiving! Finally a few days to read a bunch of comics and do some bagging and boarding.

I’m quite thankful for what everyone does for this forum. It’s given me a great place to quickly glance away from everything else that’s going on (even if only for a few few minutes).

Big shout out to @Anthony and @agentpoyo for all they do! Much appreciated!


I agree. This is a great forum.

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Seriously. This forum and the site in general would it be what it is with out each and every one of you on here. It’s been a huge blessing in my life to have so many comic book people to talk to.

So happy Thanksgiving and thank you all.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Appreciate the forum and it’s contributors very much. Hope everyone gets exactly what they need out of today :turkey::blush:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

And we can’t forget about Marvel.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Never met anyone here but all are great in everything you provide to this board.

Happy Giving of the Thanks!

Cheers everyone!

And, from your resident chemist, eat all the turkey you want… the tryptophan isn’t going to make you sleepy (the sheer volume of food and beverage you consume on the other hand…)

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What can you tell me about Element 115?

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My thought process: (1) this is google-able… (2) so what besides Moscovium is this about (3) googles “element 115” (4) ohhhhh, CoD and zombies.

I suppose, then, it’s like Jumbonium. Super special and super secret.

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I’ve been interested in it ever since I discovered Bob Lazar and how he exposed it.

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I’ll be spending the day enjoying some ears of corn.


Wishing everyone and their families a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Thanks @Anthony and @agentpoyo for hosting! :grinning:

Happy Thanksgiving :poultry_leg:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

Everyone be safe and joyful!