Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Mexican variant

This one is for the deep dollar box divers. Back when DC released the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary One-shot, Mexico, Spain, and Germany got an exclusive cover by Brian Bolland. It’s basically a self-homage to The Killing Joke with Harley saying “Smile!” in either Spanish or German. I’ve slowly been tracking this book as foreign variants have started to gain steam. Well, it seems like the lid finally blew off. Recently, a raw copy sold for a $500 “Best Offer”. Not sure what the final price was, the price is crossed out when I look at the sold listing. No other copies are currently listed except for a CGC 9.2 signed.

Not sure on the print, but if you have any friends in one of these three countries, it’d be a good time to hit them up.

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Been searching for that since release. I refused to pay ebay prices for it, but i do really need it for my harley collection

Here is one for $45

Did not know this existed until today. Trippy.

Well someone snatched that up quickly.

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Here is another one.

These aren’t mine by the way. I just keep finding them.

I see the buy it now youre talking about looks like a pump and dumper to me I don’t trust a seller with a bunch of over priced Star Wars books😜

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Yeah a sale of $500 when others are listed cheaper is a big tip off.

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Don’t ever look at my books on eBay. You’ll be disappointed.

Interesting, both books came fro the same seller. He only seems to sell Mexican edition comics.