Harley Quinn #31 Filya Bratukhin 1:50 Variant

I remember a few months back that this book had some heat on it during FOC. I’m not seeing too much on this the last 2 weeks, has any of the hype died on it or has it just flown under the radar these last few weeks?

That’s pretty normal with ratio variants. Unless there’s a first appearance, they usually fizzle off after the initial FOMO and hype.

You had to create a new thread for this ?

plenty of pumping on the CGC forums… :rofl:

The variant has not flown under the radar; people just dont care

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It’s fine to start new threads or topics.

When you want to narrow down the topic discussion, creating a new topic helps. Sometimes I can imagine throwing this in one of the “general” type of topics we have they can get lost or drowned out pretty quickly.


I’m fairly new to the forums so I wasn’t sure where to post this. In the future what is recommended on where to post?

It’s perfect… if you feel it belongs in an existing topic, post there but if you’re not sure, just always start a new one. :wink:

well, we got too many options to have FOMO now - 2nd prints and variants are like denial of service attacks. Swimming in marketing tactics - spoilers. bootleg avengers, new venoms, carnages, mutant symbiotes on top of mutant symbiotes and ‘new universes’ lol. We actually can see now that these don’t go up in value over the last 3 years - so many examples.


Welcome to the boards! You are so correct on that one. Now that they have also been introducing the wonderful 1:25 2nd print in the mix for books, it is killing some of this with the higher priced incentives.

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