Harley's Lil Black Book bagged comics

I have two copies each of the One Shot and Batman 47, both in the black bag. I would like to open one and keep one bagged, however it’s a crapshoot as there’s three variants and I’m hoping for the regular one. I know opening will just lead to me ripping them both to try for the A version. Are they literally more valuable bagged than open, or are some of the variants highly desirable?

I really don’t want the black and white or sketch version unless they’re worth anything, so it’s tough to know how to proceed. But I imagine bagged is worth most.

Open it. Dont leave comics in polybags.

They can be kept in those poly bags for several years, though I agree I would take them out unless your planning on selling them. Me personally, I prefer to buy those already out of the bag. You can’t grade a comic if you can’t see it.

I meant more for value of this particular issue; are they worth more bagged where it could be anything inside, or open and one of the variants?

I’d recommend doing a search of the issues on eBay and see not only what’s available but what’s been selling. You can search Sold & Completed listing for the particular issue. It’s a tough one but I’d say still sealed is going to be more valuable. Also if it’s a chance of getting random covers it’s pretty fun opening it to see what you get. I used to also collect sports cars and opening packs and getting autographed or limited cards is a blast.

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From a brief look using feebay app, it shows that sealed Batman 47s are cheaper than the opened versions.


I have multiples of each cover. Let me know which ones you need and I can probably hook you up at a cheap price.

Thanks very much for the offer, I think I misspoke. I have a couple copies of Black Book and Batman 47 bagged- do you think they’re worth more left in the black bag, or should I open them as one of the covers is worth more than left as a ‘mystery variant’? I’m fine with one bagged and one open, but I don’t want to get a crappy one if opening lessens the value.

Depends on which comic is inside. :grin:

Personally, I would never buy a comic in an opaque polybag as even if the book you want is inside it could be trashed (riddles in spine ticks and indents). I want to see what I’m buying.

Also, I would not assume the owner didn’t “peak” to see what was inside and discovered it wasn’t the valuable variant and decided to pass it along to someone else for as much as they can get for it.

But that’s me.

Do you know which is the “desired” variant for each? Even after a cursory eBay search I’m lost. I probably should have phrased a the original question this way.