Has anyone tried these?

They any good do they offer any added protection? From the reviews I read most like them thinking of making the expensive swap.

Alana, I have moved all of my comics over to these short comic boxes and I think they are great! Plus being solid plastic boxes I have been able to stack them 4 high (they interlock when placed on top of one another). If you purchase them through BCW directly, they offer you a better value than paying the $24.95 though Amazon. BCW charges $26.99 for one, $22.28 for 3 or more and $19.74 for 5 or more. Plus I think shipping is free once you get to $75 or more for your order.

BCW also make these for graded comics and those work out great as well.


These would be way cooler if they were completely sealable. Maybe get your own stripping to seal off with relative ease but some of the parts on the lid underside makes it seem like it wouldn’t be totally easy since there are non flat parts, at least from the pics on Amazon.

I use the BCW graded comic book bins for my slabs. They’re excellent. Very tight fit the way everything snaps together, quality material, look, feel, etc. Favourite thing is the bin partition that’s included, never thought I’d use it but very helpful. Be well everyone…:v:

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Just an aside…and sorry to be off topic of your post Alana…but I bought/paid for two of these…from two separate sellers on ebay in the last month…and in both cases…items weren’t shipped, zero communication, but the sellers refunded my money with no hesitation.

Made me wonder if there is a supply issue with them.

Comics need to breath…at least older newspaper print comics do…

Pfffttt… Comics dont have lungs…

I actually didnt mean to imply airtight… Just more seals to not just keep out water but bugs for long term storage. I’ve found silver fish in my long boxes before…

And if you can somehow hermetically seal off your books, they’re safe without air but that would be terribly expensive.

How funny! I’m getting ready to order 5 of the short bins. Well I was trying to until BCW’s site went down. Five cost just under $100 including shipping through them. They’ve got the best prices online compared to others.

The partitions are brilliant!! Think about how many times you start out a new box and the books won’t stay standing up. This should help with that. Although it looks like more slots for the partitions would greatly improve it.

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image My wife bought me a stack of partitions for my birthday thinking it was good for my cardboard short boxes, lol. Haven’t bought one of these yet though.

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I was finally able to order some today. There’s a few week delay in shipping due to shutdowns but I’ll report back in when I get them. I think I’m going to be switching over the whole collection to them though.

I got my 5 short bins today. I’m pretty satisfied with them. The first one was a pain to put together but the others went more smoothly. I’ll be switching over to these for the whole collection.

Before that I need to re-bag and board 3/4 of my collection over to mylites2 and fullbacks. Which I ordered yesterday. $385 for 1000 of each. Any valuable or important books will then go into rigid top loaders for extra protection. Lots of work to do.


I like them. I currently have over 200 short boxes so these aren’t feasible price wise for me.

If you’d stop spending all the leftover cash from CHU ads on your BMW… maybe you could afford these! :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely love these! The dividers that lock in are awesome. I hate nothing more than starting a new box and going through that awkward phase when the stack collapses down into the box…yeah the locking dividers and how they lock in when you stack them make them totally worth it. I moved last year and they held up perfectly. I moved all of my non graded keys into them for piece of mind. Oh and I also like that they dont have those dam finger slots on the ends that go all the way through like the cardboard ones.

The more you buy the more you save. I don’t have a choice as any local shops are closed and it was online only. I figured I could spend $18 for 1 short cardboard box or splurge and spend another $2 each on the plastic bins. It was a no brainer. I’m ordering some graded bins as well. Those will serve a dual purpose. Not only can I put my graded books in there but I can also fit Golden Age Top Loaders as well. I’m also In the process bagging & boarding my entire collection into Mylites2 & Full Backs. Any keys will also go into top loaders for extra protection.

$18 for a cardboard short box is robbery. I get them in packs of 20 for $33 plus shipping.

When I searched the cheapest single short box was around $18 including shipping. After seeing that was the cheapest option I went with the plastic bins. TBH I didn’t scroll to far down the search results either but I’m more than happy with them and will replace all my cardboard boxes with them. I’ve gotta switch all my long boxes to short ones anyways. The person that can put out a similar product in different colors, designs and sizes would make a killing. As well a water tight bin to me would be even better. I mean my books are all on shelves off the ground but it’d give me a piece of mind. They’ve only got short, long and graded bins all in black. They don’t have bins that fit magazines or graded magazines either.

@Anthony Where do you get those bundles of 20 from at that price?