Hasbro Announce Transformers X Back To The Future Gigawatt Figure

I saw Ectotron in target the other day. Did not care for the packaging.

Had a comic in it though.

Also spotted several transformers G1 re-issues in Walmart. Part of the headmaster line.

Yeah, I saw something about them adding a pack-in a few months back. It’s cool, but probably not cool enough for me to drop coin on.

I already ordered these and sold them. They came out a while ago. Gigawatt did. Strange they are just now announcing this

They’ll probably come out with a similar blister package and comic, is my guess.

Yeah, this is a re-run. The first run in 2020 was a limited batch of 1,985:

This new figure is available to pre-order at Walmart.com. However, only 1,985 pieces will be available as an exclusive, limited edition numbered package in honor of Back to the Future ‘s 35th anniversary this month. A second variant will be available starting October 1, 2020 at HasbroPulse.com and select retailers around the world. The comic book will also be available October 1, everywhere comic books are sold.

-from Nerdist

The non-limited one already came out months ago…

Yeah, this is a re-run due to “popular demand” according to Hasbro Pulse.

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So it’s a re-re-run? Because there are already two runs. The limited and “unlimited.”

You don’t get how time travel works, huh? They already released this wave in 2021 back in 2020. They are releasing the same figures, just in a different year. That way 2020 fans got them, and now 2021 fans get the same ones. The same 2020 figure and 2021 figure can’t meet though, or else all 2021 figures will vanish, except one that will become it’s own grandpa. It’s all very simple. Ask Stephen Hawkins.