Hasbro Pulse Let Slip that Black Series Rancor is Next Haslab Project

In this interview, around 2:07, Hasbro Pulse let it slip that the Black Series Rancor will be the next HasLab project:


Hmmm, while I like the Rancor, I’m not sure that I would buy that one. I’ve supported the two prior Haslab items, but not sure if this would be a top of the list for me.

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One was the Sentinel, what was the other?

@BatmanFan As I recall, so far, they have done Jabba’s Barge, The Razor Crest from Mandalorian, the Sentinel, Transformers Unicron.

They tried to do a fancy Haslab Cookie Monster stuff doll type thing…that failed miserably and didn’t even come close to backing.

I think that’s it thus far.

Jabba’s Barge was absolutely incredible and worth every penny imo.

I have the Razor Crest coming. On the fence about whether I’ll add it to my office or sell it for the obscene amount people are offering for it.

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currently sells for like 900, i bought one as well. hoping mando rebuilds it in season 3 or gets a same model ship