Hasbro Pulse Star Wars I Am Your Father's Day Reveals

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Darth Raven looks sick. More then likely I will order that.

Me too. Again…

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I really hope the Old Republic Trooper via Hasbro Pulse/Disney only isn’t a shit show. I’ll have no issues with any of the rest via Big Bad Toy Store (always my first choice for stuff as they’ve done great by me over the years).

While I have a couple of the original and expensive Troopers, I’d love to buy a bunch for troop building in my displays. One of the best figures ever made imo.

Kind of disappointing that Galen Erso and the pilot (forget his name) from the Rogue One Black Series line are Target exclusives. I just wrote those off immediately when they said that.

I’ll get them a year and a half from now, loose, when everybody stops caring about them.

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Darth Raven is my fav, but I don’t do blister packs unless it’s on a “classic” card and 3.75” height.

For 6 inches I want it in a box!!

(Still talking action figures here…and I do me a “ACTION”…wink wink…)

Pre-orders live:

Bought a couple High Republic Troopers and the Snake-Eyes with Timber.

Big Bad Toy Store’s site is down…I’ll add a few others I wanted when it’s back up hopefully.

The Hasbro Pulse site was a bit of a shit show but ultimately I got my order placed.

Target exclusives, per usual, are a myth and rumor only.

Black Series Target Exclusives

Why does Galen’s face looks like he’s constipated?

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You ever worked for Vader? Constipated is the better of the two alternatives.


Are Target exclusives generally hard to find?

I’d say it’s an ongoing joke, but it’s not funny.

When Hasbro says the figures are supposed to go live at 1PM the next day, Target usually puts them up at 3AM. They usually have no limit (thankfully these did) and the bots start to gobble them up for the flippers. They sell out by 3:01AM.

Then they arrive at stores and the Target employees buy them from the back room and one of the least popular of the offerings finds its way to the shelf.


Sounds like we need a drunkwooky bot that buys them all up before the other bots can by ripping off all those other bot arms…

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