Hasbro Star Wars Fan First Wednesday 2/9/22 Reveals

I think so. I just need to be patient on it. It will get listed on Target early and sell out to bots. Then for months around release date it will only be stocked in Missouri and Florida. Then a bunch of cases will show up at Ollies and 5below.

Then I’ll grab one for pretty cheap off Ebay. So, we’re looking at like June 2023.

Or I might just order two from Comics and Cocktails in the UK tomorrow, pay a little extra, but not have to stress about catching a 3 second pre-order window.


I like the Mandalorian figures. If they are not exclusives I will get them.

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I’ve recently purchased a 3D printer Creality, special for cosplay, I was tired of spending so much money on figurines, so I decided to print them myself. While I’m just learning, I’ll be glad to get some advice and coaching, if you understand this.