Hasbro Star Wars Fan First Wednesday 2/9/22 Reveals

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I’m excited for Saw Gerrera, previously he only came in 3.75" and part of a 4 pack.

Who the F wants fat Bib Fortuna? I bet it gets purchased only for the dio.

Night brother will go great with Cal Kestis deluxe!

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I think the Throne Room play set is decently cool. Having said that, I have my $30 3D printed Etsy throne for 6 inch Boba. So, nah, I’m not into $229.

I think that’s the thing that Hasbro’s Star Wars team really doesn’t get. The Star Wars fans are beyond the point of really caring if a toy is “authentically licensed” anymore. They’re up against etsy 3D Printers, bootleggers, and customizers who can whip out product within a week of something being revealed on a show and for rock bottom prices. Hasnotalent’s razorcrest came out almost a year before the Vintage Collection Haslab. Granted, it didn’t have all the detail, but it was a sweet chrome toy that decently scaled with 3.75".

Bobaluga has a Black Krrsantan Kenner Retro style figure already on the market. Their Cad Bane’s coming. It’s just silly how far behind on product Hasbro is.

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What I’m reading is that Ha$bro, Mattel, etc are going to lobby for stricter IP laws which will end up hurting them because there is next to no way to enforce IP and counterfeit / bootleggers laws without specifically targeting China. China obviously produces all or most of their product.

So rather than work on producing the product people are asking for, just crack down on the product customers are actually buying. Got it.

All this for a scene that lasted 5 seconds.

“Boba! I thought you were dead!”

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I dunno maybe I am being negative, but so many people are making their own stuff that it just a matter of time.

I’m also feeling ultra contrarian and politically charged today. Dunno why.

I go to conventions and I see so many items that violate copyright or push the whole, “It’s a parody so it is okay,” defense as opposed to being a fan-made creation that isn’t really satirical/a parody. Fan art stuff, 3D-printed objects, etc. I’ve not heard of folks really getting cracked-down on too often, but I wonder if anyone would go after them.

I would up getting a couple of cases of TVC Wave 10 and a few cases of TVC 501st Troopers from EE.

The Troopers are my weakness, lol.


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Wonder how all those

I wonder how all those ebay pre-orders for the target exclusive droids cartoon action figures are working out…

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Pre-orders live 1PM Eastern 4/7/22.

I’m a little hesitant to even post this. I’m just conflicted over Hasbro’s bullshit.

Sgt. Kreel Black Series Comic Figure!! That’s pretty darn cool. (Sorry, don’t have a picture atm).

That could make the comics featuring him get some more focus as well.

I know I’m always negative about this stuff, but it is just so hard to keep adding preorders of items that are at a minimum listed as a year out.

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Lots of cool figures announced.

@monopolyjackson Agreed, I’m usually unimpressed anymore, but there were some really cool ones. I know lots of folks are happy about a re-release of Shae Vizla. I love all the varied Clones…especially the Jesse one. Seems like the majority I want will just be available at all places so I can add some cases/full assortments via BBTS which is always my go to.

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Im definitely buying the Shae re-release and the white Vader

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you buying ?