Hasbro to stop producing Cara Dune figures

Looking at ebay sold listings, there is quite a profit to be made if you can find any. @drunkwooky

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Yeah too bad I steered clear buying figures of that garbage character. Oh well.

When I was selling figures at retail online I probably had a couple cases come through my warehouse at some point in 2019. They were never really in demand until last week.


There were like 10 of her figures just sitting on the racks at Target…

It’s not like they halted production early and a few made it to stores. These were everywhere.




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They were the only black series figure left in the store!

Has anyone googled Michael Che lately? The double standards are really too obvious to ignore… it’s Nick Cannon all over again. Or Ice Cube. Take your pick. They all still have their jobs.

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I don’t find Michael Che funny, at all, but, what he said on Saturday was clearly a joke, seeing as he was telling it from the seat of the weekend update SNL skit. A comedy show.
I also don’t think what Cara Dune tweeted was offensive either.
But, they, imo, definitely fall under different categories and shouldn’t be compared. One was a comedy act, the other was personal belief. :man_shrugging:

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Alec Baldwin’s comedy act on SNL the past 5 years is also supposed to be a joke, but it’s clear his personal beliefs had a hand in those skits.

And what about Nick Cannon and Ice Cube? The list of examples like these is very long.

I disagree with cancel culture in general, but if it’s being done, it needs to be applied universally to all types of racism/offensiveness and regardless of the offenders background, race, political affiliation, etc.

Let’s tread very carefully.

Let’s not turn this into a left vs right political debate based on what others say.

My poyosense is tingling that this topic could easily turn into a shit storm very quickly.


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Saturday Night Live (employer) asked Michael to make jokes, he did that.
The other actor was asked to avoid offensive tweets, she ignored her employer and was terminated. Very simple


I’ll go a step further and lay claim that when I’m going to a “comedy show” or “stand-up comedy”, I’m literally paying to be offended. It’s almost expected and if you walk out not offended laughing at yourself, then you just wasted a lot of money I think. :wink:


I’m going to get Cara Dune figurines to flip.

You know these fomo morons.

I’ll say this: she’s no blue snaggletooth.


The one thing most of us can agree on… Michael Che is not funny, ever.

I like Weekend Update! Jost and Che are no Amy and Tina, but it works okay. I’ve watched SNL for years.