HasLab: Giant Man

This is personally, for me, a pass. I feel like this is uninventive and boring. Also, how can it NOT come with a regular-sized Hank Pym???

The price point isn’t bad, I think they learned their lesson with Robbie Reyes. I’d rather have seen and updated Fin-Fang-Foom, X-Jet, almost anything else.

I could also be biased because I mostly a DC guy and Marvel Legends don’t really do it for me unless they are from a book or run that I love (Cates’ work, 20th Ann Cap, etc.)


easy pass

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pass too

For me the cheese eating smile is too much. Oh and the price. Would need to see what unlocks with it.

That’s an easy pass…

It’s heads and faceplates

The comments on the live unveiling were telling. These faceplates aren’t tier unlocks. they should have been standard

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for 199.99 the unlocks wont be anything great

Pass. It’s like they mailed it in with this one. Nobody could come up with a better idea?

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All the good ideas went to the last Haslab project… :rofl:

2800 backers so far.

Some people will back anything…


I’m not sure, but if a person buys multiple does that count as an additional backer? I think Ha$bro is looking to sell minimum 10k. Could be flippers buying multiple.

It could be pumpers trying to create false interest so others might join in…only to back out last minute.

I guess with the tier face plates, someone could technically order 3 of these for different displays. I don’t have that much collecting space.

I see nothing that justifies a $200 price tag for a low demand character.

Is one of the unlocks a one-hundred dollar bill? :joy:


Lmao it should be.

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18 days left, 5,500/10k backers. Ha$Fail


When will HasLab listen to fans and make a Fin Fang Foom? That would back instantly.


I saw on one of the big ML FB pages people are trying to order 5 to bump the numbers up and then they will cancel 4 once the deadline passes to try and pump the numbers to the goal. Just for doing that…. I hope it fails.

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