HASLAB Skystriker

Very happy with the Haslab Skystriker. Easily worth the price imo. Here’s my current work in progress. Just getting started…


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:…My mom said its ok if i come over and play!!!


How long have you had your USS Flagg?

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@jcLu I’d say about 10 years now as I recall. Thankfully got it from someone local. It had the majority of the parts but I’ve had to slowly add some things to it over the years. Just little things like the bridge pegs or radar tips, that aren’t really essentially but I know aren’t there so it bugged me. I’ve just started seeing some really fun/cool 3d printed customized items that could be added to it. It’s such a fun toy. Hard to display but I finally found this really large item it is sitting on that a local comic shop parted with when they went out of business. Perfect size and added bonus of holding all those comic boxes to boot.


Two of the figures I received with the Skystriker were in really bad shape. I wasn’t being overly picky, they were just bad.
Hasbro did a great job of taking care of the issue and sent replacements that were even shipped in Star Cases.
So, kudos to Hasbro for the good customer service.
I did have to return the bad ones, which was no issue.