HASLAB-Star Wars Cantina

Meh…these are hard to pass on because the carded figures are easy money, but overall the actual cantina is pretty weak imo (for the price). I usually back this stuff but on the fence with it.


It’s meh… also why two versions? There’s a deluxe with extra walls. I feel like that should have been a bonus or extra tier not another $100. I’ve picked up quite a few Haslabs and this one is a pass, unless there’s some really rad figures as add ons.

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The LEGO set is much cooler and retailed for the same price of $399 and is now cheaper used on eBay.


I agree with you.

Here’s the thing with this. Granted, I know absolutely zero about 3D printing…but for those that do. Isn’t this the type of thing that is pretty achievable/doable via pretty basic 3D printing approaches? It just doesn’t appear all that cool/complex/difficult to create. Again, the carded figures are where the value comes into play. The Tonnika Sisters have never been done before and those are the ones people are most excited about. I envision a ton of the cantina being for sale without figures down the line.

$100 extra bucks for some walls and incidental junk?

I’ve seen folks excited about it but I almost feel like it’s one of those things where there is so little to be excited about these days in the realm of toys that it is almost a forced reaction.

On another note, there will be an upcoming Haslab announcement for GI JOE also…so folks are going to have to make decisions with their money (given stores/collectors that enjoy both).

One last thought. The release of Haslab items such as this often creates crazy demand for associated figures that have had limited prior releases. Essentially any of the cameo appearance type aliens from the cantina scenes.

Dice Ibegon is a great example. If your someone who isn’t attached to figures you have in storage, or have access to figures at your local shops, now’s the time to unload them or flip.

Yeah! I haven’t checked prices in a while, but I’ve got a nice little stash. I’ll probably move some when it comes out and people want to fill in the displays.

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That was the first thing I thought of…”I can 3d print that.”

it looks very cheap, basically all one color with very few accents that could be touched up with a little modeling paint.

Maybe for $200 it’d be worth it. Bit $400?! Crazy.

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Tonnika Sisters. That’s all that has to be said. Im in.

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Another Hasbro cash grab.

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