HASLAB Star Wars TVC The Ghost

Pretty damned impressive. That was a smart visual for them to provide.
The Legacy Falcon and Razorcrest are damned big when displayed. This will certainly be a show piece/talking point for a collection.

I’ve never been disappointed with Haslab items & this may end up being as good of an investment piece as the Barge was. I think the timing wasn’t great for many people. Summer, back to school, other preorder items all hitting at the same time (Jabbas Throne).
I think this will be one that many regret not buying as time goes by.
While we did catch a glimpse of it in Rise of Skywalker… it’s future role and high profile in Ahsoka & perhaps even a later film as many are hoping only serves to increase its potential.

Yeah… I’m wordy…Long story short, I was on the fence but will be ordering for certain at this point.

razor crest sold 28k, were at 11k so far with 2 weeks left for ghost, i wont order till last hour, im hoping for under 18k

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17k, everything unlocked

Screw the ghost. I want the action figures!


People will sell them to recoup costs

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What was the cost to get it?

500, just thought it was funny to be up 300 when it closed just a month back and doesnt ship for a year

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Not even worth flipping for $800…

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