HASLAB Star Wars TVC The Ghost


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Hmmm…these tend to be an automatic for me, but I’ll think on this one a bit.
If it hits stretch goals the carded figures will pay for it…not sure if it can do it though.

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figure backboard art is nice touch

Triple hardcore mega pass on this for $500


Rather have the original Lego set.

My problem is the prices put these way out of my way

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I backed it.

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already 75% to goal in one day

about to hit goal 1

I just wonder if @Artist_Formerly_Known_as_DW is backing it?

Have they released the goals?

first 3 goals are figures, ezra than kanan than zeb, back the backboard art is great, its the art from shows painting

I’m currently in an existential crisis, battling for the life and wellbeing of my bank account. Pray for me.

In other words: undecided so far. It’s not even the money that is an issue for me. It’s actually the space. If I got one, it would become a piece of furniture in my basement.

Coffee table?

It’s a ship, hang it from your ceiling!

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9,394 backers

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1600 away from the Ezra figure!

not sure why sabine was left off goals

11k goal reached, ezra unlocked

size comparisons

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