Have You All Tried the, "Whatnot," App?

I’ve been using a newer app called, “Whatnot,” after I downloaded it for a, “Comics Vault Live,” event Skybound did. It is pretty interesting. Imagine if Facebook Live had a baby with eBay. People do live streams with auctions of items. It is most popular right now for Funko Pops and sports cards/trading cards, but there is a comic-book presence. You have to apply to host a stream and sell stuff as it is still a younger app but anyone can log on and buy stuff if you enter payment info. I got a good deal in a stream on some Department of Truth comics when I won an auction.


I have the app, but haven’t really known how to use it. How do you know when the livestreams happen for comics?

I identified comics as my favorite category and it lists all upcoming streams for it first. Then I bookmark them so it reminds me when they go live. If I’m doing it right? I’m still kinda new at it.

Interesting you bring this up. We’re going to have a cool announcement about them on our show this Friday at 9pm ET/6pm PT. This is the first I’ve mentioned this anywhere.

I watched some live selling tonight. Everything went for about 150-200% of current eBay prices. Who are these people that just spend like crazy on these books?!? I mean, good for the seller, but damn. They have gated sellers so far, so you can’t go in and sell whatever you want.

People with a lot of money,but no common sense.

Some stuff gets bid on for absurd levels. There are sometimes deals to be had, however.

I’ve been tuning into the Whatnot sales more and more and have been having some very good success. You just have to pay attention to books that are under the radar versus currently red hot. Some sellers also clearly have a devout following of folks who I honestly think do some shill action. Like all things, you just have to be careful. The format itself is pretty great though and I’ve gotten some great deals lately.

I like how streamlined and organized it can be (after sellers become comfortable and understand the process so they aren’t taking forever).

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Sorry to keep on this, but still curious if anyone else is using this app? Not only for buying but for selling?

I’m really impressed with it thus far (from a buyer perspective). I think it is the very best “pulse” on the current market. Real time insight into what people want, and what is being paid for books. As folks have to pay immediately…there is no monkey business. If the book sold for a price…that’s the price.

I’ve gotten some really amazing books. In some cases, great deal, other cases, just fair prices.

I really, really recommend you all take a peek at this. I think it will only continue to grow and gain footing. They are still working on some little things, it’s just getting rolling, but I believe it will be the future of online comic auctions/sales in a more personal format. Of course, like anything, I’ve already found sellers I avoid, but I’ve also found some amazing sellers, and actually made some collecting friends as well.

Anway, sorry to keep mentioning it. I don’t sell on there and have no vested interest, I just don’t know if the word has really gotten out relative to this. It’s easy to dismiss it as just another “app”.


I signed up to sell forever ago. Still waiting for if I get approved.

@davidbitterbaum I’ve heard,read, seen quite a few folks such as yourself that have been waiting. I know very little about the background of Whatnot and who the players/programmers/funders are of it.

While I do like it, it’s pretty apparent that it is a bit of a “who you know” type environment relative to sellers, time slots, etc. Many of the sellers seem to be “connected” via other social media platforms and such.

While I have been giving positive impressions, there are also things I’m not overly fond of. If they address the issues I see, great…if they don’t, it will just end up failing like so many other attempts at social media platform selling.

CBSI had an article on it today, more to learn from the comments than the article. One comment was “Is this sponsored content?”

I’m out then. If they’re gonna have a platform where you gotta know someone to join, that’s not a good.

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@agentpoyo That is pure conjecture on my part. I’ve never applied or attempted to sell. I’m just basing that on comments I’ve seen and generalizing. I do know that many of the same folks I see with youtube channels, discussions, sort of limelight IG folks, etc, appear to be on there and are promoting one another.

There are plenty of sellers on there I have never heard of and are absolutely amazing.

Like all things, you can quickly and easily sift through the varied “Live sales” and honestly know pretty quickly if it will be one you are interested in or not.

I really do think it is worth at least checking out honestly, it can be very fun and you can find some good books. Just depends on the seller.

The purchases I’ve made, book I’ve received, and interactions I’ve had relative to those purchases have been 100% amazing thus far.

I guess also I’m not interested cause I’m not keen on doing live sales either. I like listing and walking away. If it sells in 5 minutes, great. If it sells 5 weeks later, great.


If u havin trouble signing up/getting approved contact Bolo he can help. And yes YOUR followers from social media/forums etc will help your sales. The sellers who talk up their books do well too. Most shoppers dont know many books so you have to turn in to a car salesman of sorts.

Oh man, I don’t even want to entertain buying from it then if the sellers gotta act like car salesmen… those guys are the most annoying people on earth!

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LoL yeah same. I joined immediately and with some behind the scenes info and watching sellers I know with key books who hate talking books sold for under FMV then I watch another seller pump dollar books with all possible 2-3 years maybe possible appearance talk go for $20-$30 bucks. I realized yeah this may not b for me. You can list BIN and such but going live with your “followers” yields the biggest payday.

I’m an introvert. Takes a lot of energy for me to talk to people, anyway. Doesn’t sound like an avenue for me.

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Tony is on the Whatnot app tonight at 11:30 PM Eastern, right?

Yes, I posted this in both Whatnot threads. I’m trying to be thorough.

We could merge them, I don’t think I can tho.