Have you heard any Final Crisis buzz?

Hey all… I’m unexpectedly selling back issues of Final Crisis and some of the corresponding mini-series.

Has anyone heard any spec buzz around FC?

As always, thanks for you knowledge!


Maybe something to do with Kalel

HBO MAX Green Lantern series likely has people looking at Atrocitus first appearance.


I just swapped my first Shang-chi appearance that came back from CGC as a 2.5 for some funds, a cool horror comic, and a variant of that first Atrocitus issue that is a bit rarer. I hope it climbs in value…

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Whatever happened with the Calvin Ellis stuff? I remember thats why it picked up steam but wasn’t sure if people were still speccin on it heavy

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It’s not as hot, but once more news comes out I imagine it’ll heat up.

Buy the cool keys, buy the dip!

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WB announced that the new Superman will be an African-American Kal-El as opposed to Calvin Ellis or Val-Zod

Such disrespect to Val-Zod

Or is it now…?

You mean this?


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Yeah, I don’t know collider. So grain of salt.

As they say if it’s on the internet it must be true… :rofl:

Some of the bigger outlets like CBR are re-reporting the Collider story so might have some legs:

Final crisis 7 just went off a cliff with this news. Was selling for $100+ but dropped to approx $25. Glad I moved my copies.


Maybe it can also have Calvin Ellis? BUY THE DIP

will wait for much bigger outlets :crazy_face: