Heavy Metal April 1977-August 1981

Hi everyone! Something interesting for you today. I have a friend who inherited an assortment of comics from an uncle. This collection had every issue of, “Heavy Metal,” from the first-ever issue (April 1977) up through the August 1981 issue. They are in awesome condition for their age, all about 7.5 or 8.0 in grade. I am putting out feelers for her and wanted to post about if people would have interest in this collection. Based on looking at values the asking price would be around $4,000, although that is up for discussion, as I understand it if someone wanted more pictures and to make an offer. Detailed photos can be provided upon request of everything and they will be individually bagged and boarded, shipped priority, with insurance and signature required (of course). Just wanted to see if there might be interest!

I think to get max value, you’ll need to hold out for a Heavy Metal collector and enthusiast.

We might have some here on the forum, but I’d say hold out for the completists who need these awesome early issues. Also, obviously selling single issues will net the most, but will be a ton more work.

I cross-posted other places and have been told we are pretty high in price. Some people say expect 500 dollars, others say maybe 2,500. I guess we shall see?

Did you post to Reddit.com/r/comicswap? It’s the Wild West, but your white whale Heavy Metal collector may be over there.

Might want to get that first issue pressed and graded.

Wow…those are certainly a one way ticket to midnight! Good luck with the sale! Great stuff!

I often am on Comicswap so I posted there too, @drunkwooky! It’s a good group of folk too. We will see if I get any bites…