Helldivers 2 (Video game) Anyone?

Anyone else playing this? What an amazing game. Essentially a team strategy shooting that feels like your part of Starship Troopers.
So much fun.

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I tried it and appreciated the game. It wasn’t for me, though.

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The tik tok videos I’ve seen are insane

I like good shoot em up, mindless carnage in which I can play with others/use a bit of strategy.

I will say however…the game is pretty new and has quite a bit of bugs (no pun intended) and glitches. I think it’s become pretty popular and they are scrambling to keep up and such.

Quite a few times I’ve had issues finding matches/getting into games which can be frustrating when I have a limited amount of time to play to begin with.

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Penguin is going full guns blazing on pushing this. Biggest unsolicited promo bundle I’ve seen just arrived.

I haven’t ordered anything related to it yet.

The terminids aren’t gonna know what hit them! Good to see the young generation stepping up to defend democracy. Can’t wait to get my Table Titans Club cape and represent while shredding bugs!

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