Help a pregnant lady out, Walking Dead #1 SS 9.6 for sale

Was let go of my job because I’m full term pregnant, looking for a little help to get through the next two months. For sale The Walking Dead #1 CBCS 9.6 first print signature series signed by Shane AKA the Punisher Jon Bernthal, the most sought out signature from the whole Walking Dead universe. Cheapest buy it now for a 9.6 TWD #1 SS on eBay is $2100 and that’s with a Kirkman or Tony Moore autograph, you won’t find another Jon Berthal autograph copy anytime soon. It’s pretty much flawless I would suggest a resubmit would have a good chance for a 9.8.
Looking for $1700obo. Thanks for looking!


What’s hurting this book’s value is the CBCS slab. The most recent SS CGC 9.6 slab sold for $1500. Regardless of who signed it, being a CBCS slab means you got to knock the price down, by $200 - $300 more of what the comparable CGC slab sold for.

Stan Lee’s signature sells for well above Donny Cates, Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal sell well above Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. It’s not regardless who signs it, it’s regardless who grades it. I’ve seen more CGC errors and damages while slabbing than CBCS and PGX errors combined x10.

You’re fighting an uphill battle. CGC slabs sell for more, no contest.

Yes CGC the guys that scrub and remove 100s of complaints from their forum every year about damaging books or missing defects, so people like you don’t know any wiser and think they hold a higher value and are somehow superior because you were ripped off with their % pricing. I dare you to try and find more PGX and CBCS errors than what I have in my saved pictures

Top picture a 9.8 Hulk #181 destroyed by CGC. This is the most common damage done by CGC many 9.8 slabbed books no longer 9.8s


I’ve recently returned 4 cgc slabbed books I’ve bought off eBay in the past few months because they were grossly over graded by cgc, and/or damaged during the cgc handling process. All were graded by cgc in the past year.

I also sent in a 5 Naomi #1s into cgc that were not pressed and would have been happy if 2 came back 9.8s…they all came back 9.8s and they didn’t deserve it. And I did not send them into cbcs, despite some great incentive deals going on at the time, because of the fear they would all get 9.6/9.4s totally destroying any chance of profit.

Yes, cgc does tend to get a higher price on eBay because of their long-standing reputation, but cbcs grades tougher, on average, in my experiences. I’ve yet to receive a cbcs 9.8, yet I’ve received probably a dozen 9.8s from cgc. They hand them out like candy these days…Anyone who has submitted books to both companies recently and is honest with themselves and really studies the End product knows this to be true…add the Newton ring blemishes and you got an inferior product, IMO…I’ll take the 9.8s and flip them…and buy a nice 9.6 cbcs for the PC and pocket the profits.

I’d say there’s a good chance (25-50%) that Alana’s WD #1 would have come back 9.8 if it were graded by cgc…unfortunately cgc doesn’t recognize cbcs witnessed sigs so we’ll never know. But that shouldn’t stop her from asking the cgc price.

But unfortunately the masses are blinded by cgc propaganda and eBay sales and therefore what MonoJack is saying is partially true…it’s a hard trend to fight. You can get cgc prices for cbcs books, but it’ll likely take more time until the right buyer comes along. I am one of he few who actually look for cbcs books first when it’s for the PC…I actually look for cbcs 9.6s at bargain prices which have a high probability to be graded as 9.8s by cgc…let that sink in for a moment.

Either way, I’d say to move the book quickly you’d need to price it at 10% lower than cgc prices.

As that’s true, we the collectors should do something about it. Just giving in and claiming CGC is the king of slabbed books is doing nothing to solve the problem and create a nice balance between all the professional graders out there.

I don’t think the argument being presented has much validity. Of course your not going to find as many errors or mishandling with CBCS when comparing to CGC. I’d dare say that CGC has handled a hell of a lot more books than CBCS. You know since they’ve been around a hell of a lot longer.

I’ve always thought it was a conflict of interest with CGC basing part of their fee on the books value. So grading books higher will net them more money. I don’t agree that any signed book should grade as high as they do either since writing on a book is a defect. I don’t like if s book is missing pages they give it a qualified grade of what it would be with those missing pages. Baffling that collectors accept this stupidity from them.

Good luck on selling the book it was super hot but not so much now. There was a time where I was trying to trade my Iron Man 55 for a Walking Dead 1. Glad I never found any takers.

I think we are missing one big factor here.

Shes 9 months pregnant and was let go from her job.

I think as a CHU community we should do our part to help each other out. Anyone wanna post this to facebook?


It’s also discrimination being fired for being pregnant. Although most times it’s hard to prove.

I’m not aware of Hawaii specific laws but here in Texas, a company could just claim that they didn’t fire her because she was pregnant, they let her go because she can no longer perform her duties. It’s pretty shitty though I think, there should be more laws to protect women for maternity and maternity leave and men should also be granted longer maternity leave. That’s a special time when the newborns need parents most, should be at least a month to 3 months if you ask me. Our corporate overlords don’t care, they can afford nannies that their kids end up having better relationships with… sorry, I’m ranting now…

So yeah, help Alana out if you’re interested. There’s no need to debate CGC vs CBCS and what not…

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Thank you Mike for saying the real important thing. Alana is a long standing valued member of th community, and grading company politics aside, is asking for help. Not asking for a handout but offering up something for sale.

I would Alana but don’t have the cash for a slab like that right now. I wish you the best of luck with everything

I can’t believe that someone can lose their job because of pregnancy. There’s laws about that stuff in Canada.
Heck, I’m being paid a portion of my income right now to stay at home with my nine month old until January!

Yeah well, here in the U.S., we do things backwards… most other 1st world countries take care of their citizens. Here’s its just all about profit margins…

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They fired you for being pregnant?? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

If only you had gone with CGC! But still an awesome book.

Not if they claimed it was because she couldn’t perform her regular duties… yeah I know, backwards but as long as they don’t say it’s because he’s “pregnant”, then they can likely get away with it.

They can eliminate her position…and then it’s being laid off…not firing or let go because of being pregnant. They can even replace by outsourcing the work and call it a business decision.

However If the position is still open/available at the same description and filled by someone else with the same skill set, yeah I think that’s discrimination. At least it sounds really hard to defend that it’s not.

A reputable company would offer a severance package either way…but there’s no law requiring that.

A reputable company wouldn’t let a pregnant woman go… If I ran the business, I’d limit her duties and then have her perhaps train a temp contractor to fulfill her duties while she’s on maternity leave.

I would be an awesome business owner who takes care of employees. I’d want everyone to work for me, that’s how awesome I would be. Happy employees are productive employees who make you more money.

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My company is trying to focus more on employees with that same reasoning.

Companies that do not care for their employees and exhibit bad behaviors in business practice will likely not be around very long in today’s millennial world.

BTW, here’s a nice CBCS book I picked up for cheap…I’m not big on signed books, but if the signature is placed well and compliments the artwork on the cover I like them.

Considering what this book costs raw in NM+, plus the artist signature plus the witness fee plus cbcs grading…I likely paid less than what the seller invested. Definitely went under the radar as a cbcs book.