Help identify a Book

Ok so I need help finding out the name of a comic book that my son’s little league coach was talking to me about.

He was telling me that there is a Star Wars book out there that was an Ossoka story where she is a bounty hunter and she might weld a grey lightsaber. But was shut down by Lucas. Also there is a book where Aniken Skywalker has a different padawan before Ossoka. But since people like Ossoka, they changed her story and made her into Skywalker’s padawan.

So does this story line bring a bell to anyone and if so what book is it. I wanna read it so bad…


I’m not familiar with what book you are referring to though.

Her first appearance was in the Clone Wars movie, and she is Anakins Padawan from the beginning. So they did not change her story. Then the clone wars show. The comic is based on the show and she’s his Padawan there as well.

I’m not saying he didn’t have one prior, but they did not change her story to make her his Padawan.

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So is it a made up story of a made up story lol

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That I can’t answer. I haven’t watched all of the Clone Wars so I’m not sure where her story goes. I believe she does eventually leave the Jedi order.

I’ve heard of Grey Jedi but not grey lightsabers. There is a black lightsaber.

Anakin very well may have had a Padawan before as well. I do not know for sure.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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