Help Identify My Comic

I found a version of Avengers 1 that I can’t figure out what Edition it is. Its not a direct or newsstand. Both would have upc’s on them but it’s just solid red where that would be. Any help would be appreciated. As well maybe this would be the place to go if someone needs help?

My best guess is it is a blank cover that had the blank cover removed. A lot of Marvel Comics has the standard edition under the blank cover. The difference is the blank cover had the barcode on it. When the blank cover is removed the standard cover is there minus the barcode. We saw a lot of these with Immortal Hulk #1 where blanks and store variants had the regular covers under the variant. Some sellers would remove the other cover and sell them as standard covers as they were going for more.

Can’t see it. Which volume of Avengers 1 is it?

It’s Volume 5. Is the link to the pic not working? If you click on the smaller pic it should show a pic of the entire book. At least that’s what I have to do to see it.

Thanks for the info Anthony. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I have a few blank covers guess I’ll have to open them to see if they have double covers.

I dunno. Tony apparently got it to work…it just came up with my own iCloud photos. But I’m not that good with technology, so maybe it’s me.

I’m not so good with the World Wide Web myself. What is the best way to post a pic because any photos I take are to big and I feel like sharing in other threads?

What I’ve found works for me:

  1. if you post the pic on another site, generally saving the photo again from that site will result in a smaller size file less than the CHU maximum.

  2. find a picture of the same item from another site and use that instead of your large file.

  3. manually reduce the physical dimensions (length x width) of the pic using a program like “paint” to shrink its file size (usually exponentially)

#3 doesn’t work well if you don’t have a desktop or laptop…

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Anthony is probably correct, but could it be a cereal/food giveaway? A giveaway from a movie or DVD release? A toy freebie kind of like the Marvel Legends? Something like that?

Marvel Legends would have a black UPC. Could be a giveaway. But the most obvious answer is someone took the blank cover off.


I think we should all take a moment tomorrow to Find this blank cover variant and peak behind the blank cover and see what it beholds…UPC or no UPC…put an end to this mystery.


I like that idea. If anyone does have a blank variant and can peek inside to put this to bed it’d be great.

Here’s the pic since some said they couldn’t open it, etc.

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What about loot crate?

To my knowledge, Lootcrate did not do an Avengers Variant