Help submitting low grade comics to CGC

Hello CHUsters! I’m thinking of submitting a few comics to CGC, and I have two low grade ASM books that I’d like to get feedback on. Basically, is it worth it to submit the following 2 books:

The first two pictures are of ASM 129. It’s definitely a low grade copy, but there are two things written on it, a date and a name. I’m assuming the date was written for newsstand purposes which would mean it shouldn’t get a ding, but then, there is also a name written on it. It looks like “Johnny Moreno” which is probably the original owner. Would this cause it to get a Qualified label instead of the Universal Blue Label?

The second set of pictures are of ASM 20. It’s an overall complete book. However, on the first page, the top portion is cut out. Hopefully you can see it clearer on the last picture. Looking at it, it looks like Johnny also signed his name on top of the page. You could almost make out the J and Y loops on top of “Coming”. With this cut, is it considered incomplete? Worse, would it count as restored?

All in all, would ya’ll submit both books, 1 book, or neither?

Thank you in advance.

To slab or not to slab. Ultimately, you only see the front and back cover, so it doesn’t matter what is in it, as slabbing is essentially a way to protect the book and ensure a set value so you can sell it, whatever that turns out to be. I do not own a slabbed comic; mylars and fullbacks are just fine, imo. If I needed someone to tell me what the grade was, then I might consider it, but I like them loose. With that being said…

ASM 129 is worth so much money that even in that grade, it would make sense to have that cleaned and pressed and graded.

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I would absolutely submit the ASM 129.

The ASM 20 I assume would come back as “Incomplete/Does not affect story” Qualified. It’s still an early ASM with a first appearance, so I’d consider submitting it anyway for preservation help, if you don’t think you’ll want to read through it again.


Yeah, the ASM #129 is a freaking #129!..Get that graded. Regardless of condition it will look awesome slabbed! The ASM #20? Well, if the overall comic would grade at a fine or better with missing some of the interior I would say grade it but if it is a lower grade with a piece out it probably isn’t worth it. It would definitely have an incomplete tag to it.

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I’ll piggyback on this:

If you guys had an Amazing Fantasy 15 graded 1.0 and slabbed, but it’s CBCS, would you bother re-submitting to CGC just because you prefer their market recognition? Would you risk it getting a lower grade?

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Cbcs tend to grade ‘harder’ than cgc, so it would probably go up in grade. But Ive heard some terrible horror stories about cgc lately, with ruining some high profile books so I wouldn’t risk it personally.

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CBCS often seems to lean tougher than CGC, so unless you know/see things about your book that make you think 1.0 was lucky, I wouldn’t be as worried about that. Unless you plan on selling it soon, I would wait with that decision until you are ready to sell.

I plan on selling it in 40+ years. Haha. The topic thread just got me curious. It doesn’t bug me, but I know there are some CGC label snobs out there.

That’s a 9.0 if you send to CGC… :rofl:

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You can have a strip of the front cover missing and not be qualified,I can’t see if it was missing that strip it getting a qualified grade…but it’ll take a hit and be listed in the grader notes.

But If you don’t want a qualified grade, send it to CBCS. They don’t have a qualified grade…they will assign it a number grade based on any and all defects, including missing interior pieces missing that do not effect the story.

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And risk getting awful Newton rings? Hell no.

CBCS just upgraded their case design (superior to CGC), so I would send it in for a reholder.

It’s an AF15. I don’t think it needs a “market recognition.”

CBCS can be a tougher grader but not always. I have to say that looks spot on with the grade at least from just looking at the front cover. Even a half grade for an AF #15 can be a significant price bump but I don’t think CGC would give it that. The cost to re-submit wouldn’t be cheap either. Also, the book displays really nice for the grade but looks a bit fragile. I’m not sure it is worth the risk to have it cut out, handled and re-graded for what is probably a less than 50/50 shot at a grade increase. I’d keep it right where it is…A little beat up but a massive key that is pure awesomeness!

I’m gearing up for my first submission in about a week when CGC comes to town. I missed them the last time. I recently picked up a couple keys and one of them I am curious about how CGC will treat it. This is mostly for preservation reasons as I would like to display it with an action figure around Halloween.

It has a couple of tears on the front cover. The biggest one starts above the “Marvel Comics Group” just past the “L” and continues down to the beginning of the red “cape” logo above the “D” in “Dracula”.

The second tear is about halfway up Dracula’s back on the right edge of the book and is about 1/2” long, mayyyyybe 7/16”.

There are also color breaking creases but over all the book presents well, imo.

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I’m thinking 2.0-3.0.

I looked at 2.0s and they have chunks missing plus a lot of spine damage. Some have tape repairs.

I looked at 3.0s and they might have large creases or a large tear, but didn’t see any with both.

So thinking if you had either the tears or the large folds
You’d be in the 3.5 range, but the combination of the two likely puts you a grade down at 2.5.

Best guess, anyway.

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I am thinking 2.5

I’d say 2.0 and on a lucky day 2.5. I think, at least.

Now submit it so we can all see how good of graders we are.

It’s about time we started up CHU’s grading service.

Comics Heating Up Grading Service?

I like acronyms…


Also works if we open a bar.


It really depends on who grades it. For me, with those tears along with the creasing and other general wear I would say an attractive 2.0. I wouldn’t be at all shocked if it got a 2.5 though. If there are a lot of dings and dimples that don’t break color, you may want to press it. That probably wouldn’t bring the grade up to a 3.0 or anything but could be the difference between the 2.0 and 2.5 if it makes the overall esthetics a little better. Might be worth a shot.


I’d definitely press this, too. My expectations would be a 2.0, with fingers crossed for 2.5 or better.

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