Helstrom Trailer Knull Swirl

Check out about the 1:08 mark. Nah. Couldn’t be.

Is that a tongue?

Think Cates already tweeted a response to that image and seemed to indicate a connection. But he is also a huge self promoter so :man_shrugging:

I think Cates was being sarcastic. There is no way some Hulu show that barely managed to start production to get made before Marvel cancelled all the live action Hulu shows has a big-deal character like Knull. Plus, the symbiote stuff means Sony would have to be involved. Just no way. Weird coincidence.


Knull first appears in GOT #6 for a reason Sony can lay no claim.

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Chris Bachalos “signatures” on some of his covers is also Null related? I don’t understand what anyone see in Cates writing. It’s average at best.

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Makes sense.

From wiki. I thought I’d seen it on tv before…

Knull’s spiral emblem is based on the Spiral of Carcosa from True Detective , and is a reference to the [Cthulhu Mythos].

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I still say that how closely Knull is related to symbiotes makes him not fully a Marvel property for the films, Sony can lay claim to much of what makes him interesting. Marvel would have to alter him heavily to use him in flicks. And again, they aren’t going to introduce Knull in a Hulu series that is going to get one season and be canceled as Marvel wanted to stop all live action shows besides Disney+ ones that actually DO relate to the movies. If it ain’t Disney+ it ain’t really in the MCU as of now.

The Symbiote God has to be in the Spider-Man family, owned by Sony. Family characters are not contractually sorted by what title they first appeared in. Universal doesn’t own Wolvies rights because he first appeared in a Hulk book.

To be honest we don’t have access to the legal documents so it’s just speculation. Good thing we’re on a speculating forum.

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Yes, that is correct, Todd. But, we can make some deductions. We know that Symbiotes are currently owned by Sony, hence Venom Scream, Carnage et al that appeared in the Venom movie. Knulls origin is heavily involved with Symbiotes. If Marvel owns the cinematic rights to Knull, they will have to completely alter his origin, and essentially who he is, as the god of the Symbiotes.
Would Knull have the same impact in the MCU without his connection to Symbiotes, as he does in the 616 w/ his direct ties to Symbiotes, and subsequently the Spider Family? Possibly, but I don’t see how.
And, the actual swirl was first introduced via Carnage in Absolute carnage (I think). :man_shrugging:

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Until we see Knull in a video game or app game or game add on or toy it’s hard to say. If Sony does own him you would imagine they would use him in Miles on PS5 if Marvel owns the rights we would see him on app or game add ons first. With no toy out I couldn’t tell you much more on where the rights are.

I wholly agree with you, @Alana and @ToddW. We do not know, and there isn’t much to go on.

If symbiotes are associated with A bigger role in the Marvel Universe as a whole Apart from Spider-Man then symbiotes, including their God and the planet Klyntar, are no longer Spider-Man villains and therefore not the property of Sony.

It’s all in how the MCU approaches it.

Both Fox and Marvel had the ability to use the Skrulls before Marvel bought Fox. But certain Skrulls like super Skrull was part of F4 rights.

Anyone speculating on first apperance of the swirl symbol? :rofl:

I’ve got a signed by Trent Reznor The Downward Spiral cd cover does that count?

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I always preferred Ministry or NIN.

I saw NIN the summer before Pretty Hate a machine came out. Was pretty awesome. I have seen them a couple of times since then but the first we still pretty cool.

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