Hercules - MCU Implications


Disney is already making a Hercules movie a live action adaptation of the Disney cartoon.

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Not a fan of Hercules (in the Marvel Universe at least). Not even sure I can put a finger on why. I love his stories/history from a Greek Mythology perspective, but he just doesn’t fit/work for me within the Marvel framework. Which is odd, as you would think I wouldn’t be a fan of Thor either.

I think the fact that Hercules is a huge icon within Greek Mythology, yet he’s the only major aspect (well major as a C or D list hero) we see within Marvel from that genre. A few others like Ares but again, just lower level characters. In comparison, with Thor, we have all of it…all of the background and fellow players of Asgard.

He works best in his role as a half God, favored by Zeus but hated by the others. We don’t get any of that drama within the Marvel realm. He’s just a bare chested strong man.

I really hope they don’t focus on the guy all too much.