Thoughts on X-Men #1 ? Are you planning to pick up the #1 issues of all the new Dawn of X titles?

I am intrigued, and plan to continue reading, but it does feel a bit cult-ish at times. I was listening to the ifanboy podcast and they were discussing this and how it’s hard to imagine Logan not expressing concerns (to put it lightly) at some point at least, with their new direction. I tend to agree.

I like much of Hickman’s work. I have not read the first issue yet but I’m eager to dive-in having picked it up today at the comic shop. Also, “Hick-Men,” is clever!

I liked the first nd plan on picking up the rest of the number 1s

I disagree, i feel of all people logan knows the hard choices that need to be made. He is a killer at heart who has lived a long life. My concerns are for the broader view of the world and how the Mutants are creating political tension between nations and what that means for groups like the avengers. and while on that thought are we even in the same multiverse ?

From everything I’ve read, yes it sounds like this is in the main marvel universe 616. And yeah I think the political tensions, etc with other groups like the Avengers creates great opportunity for future storylines. Also, the “cloning” (To me, my X-Men) creates some good potential for good stories as well - what if someone doesn’t want to be brought back, do they have a choice, what if an Avenger or some other non-mutant comes seeking to be brought back, etc, etc.

The Hick Man, a hillbilly superhero?

Trying to think of a good one liner to “hick-onize”…do any x-men have one line catch phrases?

Spider-Man has “with great power yadda yadda yadda”

Hulk has “Hulk Smash”

Wolverine “Im the best there is at what i do…” collosus “anyone see the wd40 my balls are rusting up” Beast “you try getting through the day with a permanent case of blue balls!”

Amazing turn around on the X-Men go X-Hickmen

I thought of the wolverine quote…but it’s too long…”I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I zzzzzzzz…”

I can never make it to the end of it before losing interest in what he was saying…best one liners are punchlines…

“Gimme some sugar, baby”

“This…is my BOOM Stick!”

“Aw, that’s what we call pillow talk, baby!”