Hidden Gem: Mighty Marvel Comic Con 1975 Program First Spider-Man Newspaper Strip

I know @Blindadam usually does hidden gems, but I found one I wanted to share. I’ve been looking into newspaper comic strips for my own Star Wars related reasons and found something of interest to big time Spidey collectors.

Mighty Marvel Comic Con Program 1975 is the first publication of the Spider-Man newspaper strips.

Per Wikipedia:

A Spider-Man comic strip was first proposed in 1970. Two weeks’ worth of strips were written by Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita Sr., but the series was never picked up.[2] These strips later saw publication of a sort in the program for the 1975 Mighty Marvel Comic Convention .[3]

The series later launched in newspaper syndication in January 1977.

If you’re looking for a niche area to collect, newspaper strips, at least 70s and onward Super hero stuff seems pretty under valued by the current booming speculator market. People have their brains oriented towards direct and newsstand “books” and there isn’t as much demand for the newspaper strips.


I want a poster of caboose hobo Hulk

I want a poster of cocaine cowboy Stan.

You going to hang that next to a Snowflame poster?