Hidden Gem: Venom Variants

These are going on Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems tomorrow (they may not all last until then). They are pretty cool and I love cheap deals. These are Venom variants from the last series (Lee Price series). All the same, if you are a Venom collector, these are cool variants and cheap. The all include free shipping. They are mostly half sold out of copies.
Venom #6 Scorpion Comics Variant $7.77 shipped.

Venom #6 Black and White Sketch Cover $7.77 Shipped

Venom #6 Orlando Megacon Color Splash Variant $9.97 shipped.

Venom #6 Negative Scorpion Variant $11.97 Shipped.

Thanks have no idea what I was looking at so I took the negative

You got the right PayPal address on there my payment went to pending?

These are not mine. Just cool cheap variants

It went through

I grabbed the regular. It’s sending my 2 A covers and Tongue secret variant to CGC, so it’ll be nice to have a reader copy…$8 shipped too!

Don’t normally care for sketch or negatives, so left those for others.

I’m sure at these prices they’ll sell out fast.

I guess I was thinking this was issue 7. Came in great shape! Glad to have it for the price.

Shipping container was a little light on the reinforcement but arrived undamaged.

Mine came bent in half got the negative variant

Got one of each and mine came in good condition.

Yeah…that flimsy container was only a wee bit more robust than what TFAW use…