High Republic Adventures—The Monster of Temple Peak

The Monster Of Temple Peak

Issue #1 Solicitation
Follow former Jedi turned saber-for-hire monster hunter Ty Yorrick in her first comic appearance in this all-new High Republic miniseries by Cavan Scott and Rachael Stott !
Ty is a brave yet superstitious monster hunter, traversing the galaxy with KL-03 and her trusty rune-stones fighting the deadliest monsters on any world. After dealing with an escaped Drewen being transported to the Republic Fair, Ty heads to Loreth, where local pioneers have tasked her with taking on the fearsome Gretalax that terrorizes them. She takes the mission but can’t shake the feeling that something is amiss with the Force.

DrunkWooky’s write-up


Oh I like this idea. New character?

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Ah, I see, though! The real story here is that the originally solicited graphic novel is getting serialized into four single issues.

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Ok, the term “monster” in Star Wars is confusing. Us here living on earth, any species outside of humans and the ones we learn about in school can be deemed as monsters. What makes a monster in the Star Wars universe? I know, I’m taking all the fun out of this. That being said, I will be getting it.

How do you maximize revenue and profits? Split it up into floppies and then also make it a graphic novel. :wink:

A simple man can become a monster if he begins acting monstrously.

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Then DrunkWooky will just buy the floppies.


Good answer.

But what’s monstrously? A human may love cats and cats may love humans but to a canary, a cat is a monster! :wink:

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What’s a king to a god?

Just a king… :wink:

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Is there an incentive variant?

None solicited.

They won’t have them listed yet but I’m willing to bet they’ll at least have a 1:10.

so this is the first app of Ty and maybe others?

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