Hip Hop Variants and Miles Morales

Just to let you people know, I’m throwing up some Miles Morales related books (no UF4 or anything, I sadly was not back in the game during this time so I’ve already missed the boat on that one).

But starting to list a bunch of the Hip Hop Variants that are seeing some heat. I’m still in the process of throwing them all up as I had about a dozen or so more.

Like always, see something you like and want to deal here rather than eBay, holler at me.

Click here to see all my listings.

I’ve decided that most of my remaining Hip Hop Variants I’m listing are all starting at .99 cent auctions and 80% of the proceeds are being donated to EJI, so they’re charity auctions.

So, get a hip hop variant and 80% is going to a good cause.

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I have a moon girl #1 hip hop I bought cheap because my other copy was cover A slabbed in 9.8. And I thought the cover was just cool.

Always intended to be a reader copy, but is NM+ or better. Now I feel I should sell it and buy a reader copy of cover A! Or 2nd print/true believers.

Sell, you can probably read it by doing a trial on Marvel Unlimited for a month to read for free… but honestly, that book came out how long ago? If you haven’t read by now, you’ll be old and in retirement by the time you read it… :wink:

I bought it for my daughter as well as the entire run (got most for $1 on clearance except after 24) as I thought she’d be into the Disney+ series…that seems to be in limbo now…