His Ultimate Fallout 4 A Good Investement?

Markets work, typically, in peaks and valleys. UFO4 is a good investment, but now is not a good time to buy, as we are at a peak.


I knew it was gonna be big.

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I would not buy off of Ebay right now but would look to brick and mortar shops. Now that many are re-opening one might be able to find the book at a good price since it has literally been going up every day. Even a dealer in the know might be willing to work out a pretty good deal if they have one that was previously sitting before the nuclear fire was lit under Miles feet.

Ive been eyeing an EOSV2 1st at a local shop. The price was a bit high a few weeks ago, but it may be a good deal now. :man_shrugging:

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Depends on how much time they spend keeping tabs on current prices :slight_smile:

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I just passed on a 9.8 at my shop a week and a half ago…they tend to look prices up though and it was just before the heat…could have had it for about 4-5 hundred. I know if I ask this week, they will look it up again and be out of my range.

Could of, should have, would have…uggg.

It’s a super small shop and the owner, and sole employee, is not current on the market at all. The book has two colour breaks near the top staple. It’s prob a 9.4 at best, so, that has been holding me back a bit. There is def some money to be made from that book, if the price is right. I wouldn’t hold the 9.4 copy if I buy it, I want a high grade 3rd print for my PC. :wink:


You might be surprised … I know several people that pre-unemployment were taking home around $800 a week … their unemployment checks were normally $375 a week or so, but with the $600 extra, they now are banking $975 a week …

As far as the investment potential of UF4, no one has a working crystal ball … you spend your money and you take your chance … or not …

It’s like Walking Dead #1 … I don’t know exactly what the peak price was for a slabbed high grade, but, I’d venture to guess many if not most that had it then now wished they had sold it …

On the other hand, UF4 in 50 years may be the equivalent to Amazing Fantasy #15 … who knows … If I could predict the future, I’d be sitting at a bistro in Tuscany sipping a fine wine with my lunch, getting ready to head back to my villa in my Maserati … :vulcan_salute:

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I’m sure there are cases where some who were making very low wages are making more but I doubt most are going out and buying up comics… One would think they’d be smart enough to stash for the rainy day but then again, that’s why we have social security… for all the knuckleheads who don’t save up for retirement… :wink:

A lot of people have already echoed the sentiment that it was undervalued and I agree. I will say though, that when I worked at a comic shop in the town that I went to college POC would happily pay market value for a Spider-Man that better represented them. It’ll definitely drop, but I don’t know by how much. I like the Edge comparison, but that was never a book that moved as quickly for me. I really feel like it’s hard to undersell the value of representation in comics. Miles is a modern character without the cringe worthy dialogue of a Luke Cage or Blade first appearance, and he’s also Spider-Man. Not spider-person, spider-first name or spider-adjacent. Also, because of his media exposure, for young kids like my son he’s synonymous with Spider-Man. If my son wants to see Spider-Man on TV l, and I try putting on something with Peter he’ll say “no, I wah Miles”. I think it’s hard to overstate what a big deal that is, and while I agree there will be lows, I don’t know that they’ll be all that low anymore. It took me a long time to snap out of insisting he was over valued, and as a huge Spider-Man fan, boy, am I glad I bit that bullet back at 15.00 instead of more. If the value dips enough for me to swing it I’ll be doubling down on my belief in Miles and looking to get a proper 9.8 instead of the likely 9.6 raw copy I have now.

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That sounds like a comment from a 1%er … I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods, but around my area, $800 a week take home is considered pretty good coin, not “very low wages” …

Saving has nothing to do with brain power … there is a distinct line in our Country between the haves and the have nots … believe it or not, most folks go paycheck to paycheck …

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I live in Austin. It’s probably the most expensive city to live in in Texas. I know a lot of people struggling as middle class and upper middle class. Rent is absurd here. There are 2 bedroom houses that go up to 2k a month just to rent, my mortgage on a 3 bedroom is $600 less than that…

I can tell you… $800 a week won’t cut it here in Austin and if you are managing to live on $800 a week, bravo… you’re doing the near impossible.

Buying comics is stashing if for a rainy day if you’re good at it, has better returns than the stock market.

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My roommate just got his unemployment through after 3 months of trying sent him a check for $16,000 and that’s not even half his unemployment benefit which is going to be furthered extended in the next stimulus package. I told him to buy AF #15 but he bought a hot dog cart instead.


I think people who collect comics for future investments are in very small numbers…

My comic investments are not even mine they all transfer ownership to my 1st born when she’s 30 Roughly 20 years and 2 months from now

My youngest son (23) is absolutely cashing in. He is getting “underemployment” from the hospital he works at. Still works about 12 hours a week…get the unemployment benefit and the additional $600. More money than he’s ever had. He’s as frugal as they come though so that is good. Only thing he tends to buy is nice tennis shoes lol. He bought me a killer gridwall panel and shelves for my man cave though for Father’s Day!!! :slight_smile:

I will tell you this though… in talking to him and many of his friends…someone needs to inform many of these folks that the tax man will come a calling. Quite a few of his friends won’t listen to advice and aren’t having taxes taken out “I’ll worry about that when I need to”…OR…they don’t understand it will be pushing them into a different tax bracket…OR giving them enough income so that they won’t qualify for varied finanical aids/other things next year.

I’m lucky…my son listens to me and actually has a really good head on his shoulders. I’m blessed.

They are only going to tax the actual unemployment benefit you make the $600 bonus won’t be taxable.

Just for the record, those who are applying for unemployment now are not seeing the $600 any longer (well, at least in my neck of the woods)… I know someone who’s on furlough who applied for unemployment and is only getting the bare minimum from the state.