His Ultimate Fallout 4 A Good Investement?

So this weekend my wife and I had a conversation on Ultimate Fallout #4. To see if we wanted to invest $1k in a 9.8 book. We started to poder and though with this new young generation is Miles Morales the new Spider-Man?

My youngest is in love with Miles. He wants to be him for Halloween and that’s one of the reason why we where thinking I’m buying this book (for him) since he’s the one that likes comic books and all. And after seeing Into the Spider-Verse more times then I can count, I really want to buy this book for him.

What are your thought? Do you see this book going up in value?

So just my .02…I think it is a great book to have…and I think it has good value…BUT

this is not the time to buy it. There are sooooo many copies of this book. There are also soooo many copies likely being sent off to grading copies currently due to the crazy rise in price of late. It was/is a crazy hype train and I personally don’t think it can sustain itself.

So, all for buying a nice copy…but I think you’ll save yourself some money if you hold off a bit.

Many may disagree and I’m good with that.

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All the Miles stuff has gone up more and faster than any books ever that I can recall in a short time period. I wouldn’t pay these prices wait for a dip. The most I’ve paid for a Modern is $550 for LOS Supergirl variant.

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I guess that’s not true if I count The Walking Dead #1s I’ve bought and sold and bought. But everything else modern.

That helps.

Yeah, I think we’re seeing the first initial climb on the roller coaster with this one. I have a feeling the hype will die a bit and it will drop again. Just keep tabs on it I say. It could be a good time to buy before or a bit after the next movie.

I have a feeling when people aren’t getting an additional $600 a week unemployment this will drop like a rock.

I doubt there’s that many people spending their unemployment on Miles Morales or other comic books…

Minus the $600 extra from feds, most people probably can’t even pay the mortgage payment or rent with the normal amount of unemployment. Any additional is just boosting what they were likely already making before they became unemployed.

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If you can get a deal…YES! I do have to agree with everyone that we could see a dip in pricing…maybe. If we do it won’t last too long and I am not expecting any kind of drastic plunge in his first print. If there isn’t a dip I think more realistically there will be a slow in the increase of his prices, but Miles has gotten so ridiculously popular so quickly that I guarantee you the Studio heads have taken full notice. I really think they will introduce Miles in a live action film within two years or at least make an official announcement within that time. Add the Spiderverse films and the video games along with the feeding frenzy of all prints, I don’t know…UF4 may just keep trucking along. Again, a down swing may happen but don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t. Miles is this gens Wolverine, popularity wise and UF4 is this gens 181. I doubt that will ever change.

The reprints, well, if there is any major slowing it will be with them, but again I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep moving, especially the white background showing his full face…Hell, its freaking crazy but as prices keep going I can see the Halloween comicfest reprint be a constant $50 book down the line (again, thanks for the heads up on that one Tony)

Like many pointed out there are a lot out there…Still tons of demand, but you might be able to strike a deal somewhere. If you can find a graded 9.4 to 9.8 at a good price do it and don’t look back. “If” the unlikely event that there is a drastic fall in price it has become a major key and will eventually climb to where you paid…most likely sooner than later. I still don’t see that scenario happen but like anything else in life there are no guarantees. On the other thread you started I wrote about how Hulk 181 is one for the ages and I think the go to book for anyone looking for a solid comic book investment. UF4 is heading in that direction. Can’t believe I even said that! Crazy but pretty cool at the same time! There is very little downside to this book outside of the high prices it is commanding…and that is only a downside to those looking to buy one :wink: Well, that’s my annoying, preachy. long winded response.

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We have to also consider what type of people are buying these up. Collectors? People who plan to resell them later on? The type of buyer will reflect what’s available on the market later.

Collectors tuck away into collections until they hit either hard times or die. So yeah, so many factors to involve and almost impossible to know the types out there buying as well. So it will be interesting if and when the dip arrives and how long it takes to rebound, etc. Anything can certainly happen.

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Even though it’s print run is a healthy size it’s still a modern print run so comparable smaller print run than most books 75 years before it came out.


My guess because of the high prices, especially for 9.8 copies, most are going into collectors hands and even some non collectors who just want a part of the history of Miles. Just my guess though.

I got mine at cover off the shelf for 20% off cover. I think it is an excellent investment.



I echo what everyone else said. There should be a dip in price soon and buy then. This books one I’m hanging onto for the long haul.

That’s what I’m going to do. Wait till the game comes out and see what happens. Hopefully it drops so that I can get the book at a good price.

Same, grabbed three for cover and one for around $10 on Amazon… Of course that one wasn’t as nice as expected so I eventually sold it for around $70. Got a good return so no regrets on that one.

Now, just need an official announcement for Silk and Aphra… I am just about salivating over those! About to send a fairly large CGC (for me) order with their firsts

Who are the modern characters which challenge Miles in popularity?

Harley Quinn?

Ironically all women, but let’s dive into print run and prices for statistics sake…

Ultimate Fallout 4: 75k print run
9.8= 1900 ($1000), 9.6= 1500 ($450)

NYX #3: 40k print run
9.8= 1200 ($950 ), 9.6= 1300 ($500)

EotSV2 = 49K
9.8= 2600 ($900 ), 9.6= 1100 ($400)

Batman Adventures 12: unknown
9.8= 900 ($1.6k), 9.6= 1300 ($600)

As we’ve seen with ASM 300 and NM98 demand can keep book prices sky high even with high print runs. I wouldn’t call 75k a high print run, but it is not low either.

Certainly was undervalued, and popularity/demand will keep it up there…but likely will drop slightly as FOMO subsides…would not expect a drastic correction though. Too popular a character now…it’s a good investment long term, most definitely, but wait a few weeks is my opinion if you’re going to pull the trigger.