Horror Toys

Since this is what I collect I figured I would start a new topic dedicated to horror action figures and toys. So…

I got this tonight.


Did you get that at Third Eye? They had pics of one on Facebook.

Yes. I saw it online earlier today on another site. I googled it and Third Eye had them. So rolling on home I got one and used my 20% off discount.

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Cool. I love monster stuff. I was into Universal Monsters before comics, a few years anyway.

I have a ton of Universal Monsters stuff, Super 7 Reaction figures Neca Figures. Love it too.

I got the Universal Monsters DVD Boxset that has the mini busts with them. Have the busts on display on one of my shelves.

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If we’re gonna talk horror toys we gotta talk Mighty Max. God, I loved those.

Not mine, but I knew someone who had one as a kid. Thought it was the coolest creepiest thing!

that is pretty sweet. There are a ton of vintage horror toys I would have if I had the money.

Damn. Super 7 hits hard with their latest line of Pre-Code Horror Reaction figures


Skeleton Lady is a classic.

Is her face really like that, or just as seen through the glass?

Because the figure makes it seem like it’s normally like that…glass or no glass.